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What type of files can I share?

Last Updated: Jun 16, 2017 12:42PM BST
You can share most major file types such as PowerPoints, Word Documents, JPG, PDF, Videos and Smartboard. A full list of accepted file types can be found below.

Bear in mind that if you choose to upload non-standard file types you need to ensure supporting information about the non-standard file type is included as part of the upload information. Remember to think about sharing your work in ways that make it as easy as possible for other educators to access and use your content. 

You can share any of the following file formats:

"agg": "Autograph",
"ai" "Adobe Illustrator"
"au": "Audio",
"avi": ["Video", "Video (Microsoft)"],
"bmp": "Image",
"docx": "Word",
"epub": "ebook",
"et": "Easiteach",
"flp": "Promethean",
"ggb": "GeoGebra",
"gif": "Image",
"gsp": "Geometer's Sketchpad",
"htm": "HTML",
"html": "HTML",
"jpeg": "Image",
"jpg": "Image",
"key": "Keynote",
"mov": ["Video", "Video (Quicktime)"],
"mp3": ["Audio", "Audio (MPEG)"],
"mp4": ["Video", "Video (MPEG)"],
"mpeg": ["Video", "Video (MPEG)"],
"mpe": ["Video", "Video (MPEG)"],
"mpg": ["Video", "Video (MPEG)"],
"notebook": "Smartboard",
"numbers" "Apple Numbers"
"pages" "Apple Pages"
"pdf": "PDF",
"png": "Image",
"ppt": "PowerPoint",
"ppsx" "Powerpoint Slideshow"
"pptx": "PowerPoint",
"pub": "Publisher",
"qt": "Video",
"ra": "Audio",
"rtf": "Rich Text",
"sib": "Sibelius",
"sb2" Scratch
"swf": "Flash",
"txt": "Text",
"wma": ["Audio", "Audio (Microsoft)"],
"wmv": ["Video", "Video (Microsoft)"],
"xbk": "Smartboard",
"fjsw": "Tarsia Jigsaw",
"xls": "Excel",
"xlsx": "Excel",
"xml": "XML",
"yar": "Starboard"

"zip": "Zip", [a computer file whose contents are compressed for storage or transmission]

Please note that the maximum file size for resource uploads is 225mb.
If you are unclear about accepted resource file types, email help@tes.co.uk for guidance

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